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Ice Cream Scoops


Welcome to Lickity Splits Ice Cream! We are a family run business located in Lakewood Ranch, FL and we strive to make creamy, delicious, and wholesome ice cream for our community to enjoy. What makes us different is that every scoop comes from small batch processing at our local manufacturing facility. We use fresh, all-natural ingredients of only the highest quality. We’ve worked hard to recreate our favorite classic flavors and are always having a great time experimenting with new wild flavors – we’ll even take suggestions. Our greatest desire is that you enjoy our ice cream as much as we do.

Now that you’re here, there are a few different ways you can get our ice cream. If you want to enjoy a hand-scooped ice cream cone, check out any of the ice cream scoop shops, restaurants, or beach stands where our ice cream is sold. We love supporting the community and can also be found at various sporting events, concerts, and festivals throughout the West coast of Florida. If you would like to contact us about serving our ice cream in your establishment, or if you are interested in having us as a vendor at your event, message us through our contact info page and we’ll discuss how we can best meet your needs. We love brainstorming with our customers to come up with custom flavors and packaging.

Lickity Splits is a U.S Veteran Owned Business

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