Gourmet ice cream hand-crafted in Lakewood Ranch, FL



Lickity Splits Ice Cream is a business with family at its core. Our inspiration came from making small batches of ice cream at home with our kids to snack on during family movie nights. After many endless (and yummy) nights of experimenting, we decided to create our own brand of ice cream to share with the community. We believe in using only the highest quality ingredients, locally sourcing products whenever possible, and avoiding artificial flavors and preservatives whenever possible. What makes our ice cream unique is that it is hand-made in small batch machines that have been in use since the 1960’s. Though this method is much more labor intensive than a typical commercial production line, it’s what gives our ice cream its rich, deep, and creamy texture.



In just a few years our business has grown from small kitchen experiments to growing wholesale and retail sales. We officially launched in 2015 and decided to get to know the wider community by bringing our ice cream to family-focused events throughout the West Coast of Florida. Our mini ice cream parlor brought a little touch of farmhouse charm to every event we did, which ranged from small local festivals to large multi-day sporting and cultural events. As the years passed we grew our brand recognition and built a loyal customer base and transitioned to wholesale sales to reach more of our customer base. Now our gourmet ice cream can be found in shops throughout the state of Florida, from small mom and pop's to large sporting venues and everywhere in between. 



As we look toward the future, Lickity Splits Ice Cream continues to expand sales in new retail and wholesale markets. We’re very excited about the new partnerships that are in the works and new locations to find our ice cream. Though we are expanding by leaps and bounds, we still remain committed to using the small batch process that has made our ice cream a favorite among our customers. We are also excited for opportunities to be able to give back to our community. As we grow we plan to provide internships and educational mentoring to students in the food science and dairy industry as well as support local charities.